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FSI - 10 Metal Bellow Seal

Metal bellows seals feature a bellows core made of one of several types of bellows. The most common are AM350 and Hastelloy C. Usually with Stainless Steel end fittings permit these mechanical seals to be used for high-temperature services beyond the range of mechanical seals with synthetic rubber sealing members. Typical applications include cryogenics, heat transfer fluids, severe chemicals and corrosives at temperatures from —350° to +650°F (—212° to +343.33°C) with standard seal construction. (For higher temperatures—consult our engineering department.)

FSI – 10 Metal Bellow Seal

FSI – 10 Metal Bellow Seal is capable of working in high temperatures, up to 300ΊC, depending on the materials used on its friction face as well as its O-rings. The O-rings housing makes it static, avoiding possible damage caused by vibrations and repetitive changes in pressure. This mechanical seal has numerous applications i.e. Chemical & Food etc.